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 Pressure Washing


When Painting the outside of a house or business it is important to always pressure wash in order to properly clean the surface. Pressure washing gets rid of dirt and mold buildup that will keep paint from adhering causing peeling or cracking.

Pressure washing alone is an option. If you don't need your house painted but want the mildew and dirt removed, don't hesitate to give us a call. We pressure wash driveways, sidewalks and fences as well.

Exterior Painting

As with any work we do, proper preparation is the key to making the paint job last. Your home is likely the largest investment, we appreciate that and aim to not only make it look good, but to restore and take care of it as if it were our own.



1. In most cases , pressure washing is recommended. I have found that here in Southern California buildings tend to get very dirty due to the lack of consistent rain.  There is always a fine layer of dirt, and oils from car emissions. These need to be removed before doing any work for paint and other materials to adhere to the surface properly. Other companies may skip this vital step, we do not. Yes, a house can be painted without being pressure washed, however it is likely to look good only temporarily before the paint begins to peel and crack again. 



2.After washing the house, we will take time to properly sand and scrape all surfaces to be painted. We are able to fill small cracks with caulk and larger ones with Bondo or wood filler. Stucco patches are not a problem either, we will take care to hide all patches made by properly patching and priming prior to paint. B.E.S. Painting only uses top quality products that we feel are the best and will last the longest.



 3. After the prep work is finished, it is time to apply the paint. As with each process, we will be sure to first protect all areas that will not be painted, taking care to not to leave any paint on sidewalks or crush your flower garden. 

Typically we will choose to apply paint in the older fashion of brush and roller. there are two main reasons why we do this:

A. better coverage - a house that has been "brushed" will end up with a thicker coat of paint. Most companies that spray will leave thick amounts of paint at eye level, but spray light in areas not seen as often. Brushing a house will leave an equal layer of paint in all areas resulting in a better looking , longer lasting paint job.

B cleanliness - Although sprayers can be good in certain situations, sometimes they will leave behind paint in places it is not wanted. This can be avoided by properly protecting the area, but due to winds outside makes it easier for paint to travel through the air. Brushing a house will avoid that problem all together by keeping the paint strictly on the brush, roller and house.


That being said, spraying can be an option in certain situations, in fact it can be a very good option depending on the project at hand. When spraying we will take extra care to be sure that all surrounding areas have been properly protected to avoid overspray.



We are always willing to work with you and will do all work to your specifications..but be warned...you will be the envy of the entire neighborhood. 




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